4 Best Electric Blankets to Keep You Warm

Electric blankets are heated using low-voltage wiring and are much safer than older models. The new models have transformers, so the voltage is lowered and circulated throughout the blanket. The blanket could be used to save energy if you turn down the thermostat during the night. It also eliminates the need for extra bedding.

Following are what experts call the best and safest electric blankets in the market today.

Sunbeam® Premium Quilted Heated Electric Mattress
The Sunbeam® blanket is really top-of-the-line stuff. It comes with plenty of padding and a cotton top. It is extremely comfortable and easy to use. The plug has a locking mechanism so that you can be sure you will be warm the rest of the night. The plug only takes up one outlet, even for their huge king-sized and queens-sized heating pads. With the controller being very user-friendly, this blanket becomes the top contender.

Soft Heat Luxury Micro-fleece
This micro-fleece blanket is very soft and comfortable and hugs your skin. The low voltage heat ensures that the likelihood of any burns or accidents reduces considerably. The blanket also takes longer to heat up because of this. However, it can be used to preheat your bed. The backlit display and the temperature controls are fine-tuned for all your needs. You and your loved one can set individual temperatures for both queen-sized and king-sized beds.

Sunbeam® King Velvet Plush Heated Blanket
Sunbeam® is a big player in the market. Their electric blankets are also quite comfortable. This one is cheaper than the Sunbeam® Premium Quilted Heated Electric Mattress, but unfortunately slightly lower in quality. The pad does a poor job of masking the heating wires and the blanket is made of polyester, so it does not absorb sweat as well. The digital controls are good with fewer buttons than the Premium Quilted pad but support a similar temperature range.

Biddeford Blankets® Comfort Knit
Another popular electric blanket is this one from Biddeford Blankets®. The wires are far better in this, so much so that you do not feel them under the padding, because they are more flexible. While the blanket itself stays quite warm, king and queen-sized beds will need two power outlets for controlling temperature, as both partners may have different preferences. The control functions are not as varied as some of the Sunbeam variants, but they do get the job done.