Here’s Why Fiesta Dinnerware is Popular

Fiesta dinnerware was set up in 1936 in response to the bone china patterns that was used by other companies. The Homer Laughlin Co. came up with a revolutionary idea and realized that dinnerware was exceedingly expensive and dreadfully drab. The company decided to come up with a solution that tackled both problems. The glaze finish of the Fiesta dinnerware which comes in green, yellow, and cobalt and would sell individual pieces instead of a whole expensive set. It was an instant success in the Depression era and customers used to mix and match and have fun with it. The company tried to go with earthy tones in the 1970s and sales plummeted. Its fans were hooked on their original product, so the company decided to revive the Fiesta line. The company soon added new colors like incandescent and kaleidoscope, which were very popular. In the 1980’s the company rode the retro wave, which was sweeping the U.S. This is precisely why the Fiesta dinnerware set is one of the bestsellers of all time in the market.

Following are some of the reasons why Fiesta dinnerware is so popular.

Nostalgia and generational appeal
Many people report how their parents bought Fiestaware years ago and kept buying them for years to come. The plates use a kind of vitrified ceramic that does not chip easily, so they remain in excellent condition. Even the colors have been known to not fade over time. In addition to this, people have seen their grandparents and parents use the dinnerware, so it becomes an obvious choice even amongst millennials today.

Style and aesthetic appeal
Fiestaware still seems relevant today opposed to drab and lifeless white or China. People appreciate the art deco style and concentric circles. The plates are also available in a range of colors that keep changing. This keeps people hooked, and there are many collectors as well. The company has also recently launched an app for all their loyal fans called Colorama, to see if the colors they like gel together.

Many people appreciate the fact that the iconic Fiesta dinnerware is made right here in the United States. The rich culture of this country is one of the many associations that people unconsciously or otherwise make with the brand. Besides, the other selling points, like the fact that the dinnerware is lead and cadmium-free and very durable, resonate with the values of Americans today.