Bring a car from the Netherlands? It’s easier than you think!

In the list of countries from which most vehicles are imported to Poland, the Netherlands has long had the fourth position, which gave way to Germany, France and neighboring Belgium. However, it is worth taking an interest in this slightly less popular car import direction, the more choice there is, the cars there are in good condition and the procedures are not the most complicated.

According to the report from the Samar Automotive Market Research Institute, by 2020, almost 850,000 cars were imported into Poland from abroad. passenger cars and vans, of which over 35 thousand. vehicles came from the Netherlands. Is it worth choosing this direction? What are the formalities abroad and in Poland? Has the car imported from there a chance for a cheap liability insurance ( Let’s check it out!

Where can you find a used car from the Netherlands?

If you are considering buying a car abroad, the first step in your search must definitely be the Internet. The network is full of foreign websites with offers for the sale of used vehicles, including the Dutch ones. Of course, you do not have to worry about not knowing the language, because all such portals are available in English, and some even have Polish language versions.

So where to look for a car from the Netherlands? It is definitely worth starting from the Dutch Automobile Exchange website (, where you can first see the cars offered there and then go on your own to the city of Beverwijk, near Amsterdam, where a market takes place every Tuesday and see the selected car with their own eyes.

This is a convenient solution because one of the largest exchanges of this type in Europe not only makes it possible to buy a car but also to arrange export formalities on site. In fact, for example, you can plan a trip to the Netherlands, and from there you can easily return your new car.

A car from the Netherlands – is it worth buying and what to look out for?

And why are Polish drivers at all interested in used cars from the Netherlands? In the article “A car from the Netherlands – how to check, bring and insure it?” you can read that even though the cars from there are not necessarily the cheapest (as is the case in one of the richest countries in the world), they tempt buyers with other advantages. These include:

  • good technical condition,
  • easy to control the car,
  • transparent procedures,
  • easy to take the car to Poland.

Although it is standard that Dutch cars, even those that have been damaged, are usually in good technical condition, this does not change the fact that they must be inspected before they are purchased. How to do it? You have several options to choose from.

  1. The easiest way is to use the free Polish service, which also includes cars from the Netherlands – you need a reliable profile for this. The website allows you to search for data from 20 vehicles within an hour.
  2. You get more detailed information about the car with the help of, among other things, paid reports. by AutoDNA or CARFAX.
  3. Finally, you can also use Dutch sources – the local state road traffic service has its own register called the Nationale Auto Pass.

Still convinced? In that case, you can always have your vehicle inspected in the Netherlands, as long as the car owner agrees. In this case, however, you have to take into account the cost of several hundred euros.

A car from the Netherlands – formalities in Poland and abroad

Let’s say that you have already chosen your Dutch dream car and have checked it carefully. What comes next? As you can guess, you have to handle the formalities – both on the Dutch and Polish side.

Let’s start with the former. As everywhere, the purchase of a car must be confirmed with an invoice or a purchase agreement. It is worth preparing them in two language versions at the same time, which will facilitate questions in the Polish office. Then check carefully if the seller, in addition to the keys, has provided you with all the necessary documents, ie:

  • registration certificate (in the form of a card, not a booklet);
  • vehicle card (if issued);
  • NAP document on mileage.

Do you have everything and want to return your new car to Poland? Then you have to deregister him in the Netherlands, get short-term insurance and white license plates that can be used for up to 14 days. It does not take long, and in case of problems the seller will help you.

The next step is waiting for you after taking the car to Poland. What do you have to do?

  1. Pay the excise tax – you have 30 days to do this and the tax rates are 3.1% for cars with engines up to 2000 cm3 and 18.6% for others (lower applies to hybrid vehicles).
  2. Translate documents the registration document, the purchase agreement or the invoice (if not previously drawn up in two languages) and the vehicle card must be translated into Polish.
  3. Make a review – The cost is standard and amounts to PLN 99.
  4. To insure the car -to complete the formalities, you can choose short-term liability insurance, then you need a full-year insurance.
  5. Register the car – with all the necessary documents you can report to the appropriate communication department for this purpose.

As you can see, there are many formalities and extra costs when importing a car from the Netherlands, but arranging them can be simplified in different ways. For example, when it comes to insurance, which you can easily buy in Poland using AC Mubi’s division of responsibilities against liability. Use the free calculator on and find the best insurance for you – remember that in addition to the compulsory liability insurance, you can also buy additional and very useful autocasco, accident insurance or assistance.

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