Car overview in 5 questions and answers

An innocently good-looking stamp in the registration certificate plays an extremely important role. It confirms that the car is in good technical condition and it proves that it can be found on public roads. What should you know about the car’s inspection? Here are the 5 most common questions and the answers to them.

More than two decades ago, the technical inspection of the car was a mere formality. For a large part of the diagnosticians, the most important thing was mainly that the chassis number complied with the registration in the registration certificate and … the fee. It’s not so easy today. Vehicle inspection stations are close to checking cars. Therefore, the driver’s knowledge becomes extremely important – the knowledge of what the technical inspection of the car looks like.

What does the car inspection look like?

Car inspection actually begins with the identification of the vehicle. The diagnostician finds VIN on the body and compares it with data registered in the registration certificate. The next step is to find the vehicle in the computer database. At this time, the technical inspection of the car officially begins.

– In the next step, the car goes to the garage. During the inspection, the diagnostician checks all the most important safety-related systems. The technical inspection of the vehicle consists of checking the condition of the spring on the jerks, checking the effectiveness of the brakes and steering system and checking the exhaust gases and the external lighting. Registration checks (ie technical tests) should be repeated every year – unless the car is more than 5 years old and not equipped with a LPG system – says a specialist from – the service through which we will arrange a car inspection.

How long does the registration review take?

Regardless of whether the driver performs registration or technical inspection of the car, a visit to a vehicle inspection station usually lasts no longer than 30 minutes. A time from several minutes to half an hour is enough for a skilled diagnosis to be able to check all important elements in the vehicle and complete the formalities. The car inspection ends not only with a stamp in the registration certificate, but also with an entry in the Central Vehicle Register (CEP) database.

What do you need to get a car inspection?

In a way, drivers should prepare for technical examinations. And it’s not just about taking care of the vehicle’s technical condition. Technical inspections are also checks of basic documents. The car owner must show the registration certificate, or if it is missing, the vehicle card, as well as, for example, the cylinder approval certificate – if the vehicle is equipped with a LPG system.

Lack of necessary documents means … no review. Without the registration certificate or vehicle card, the diagnostician will not be able to identify the car, and without a valid approval certificate issued for LPG cylinders, he will not be able to determine the possibility of further operation of the gas installation. Effect? It may turn out that the operator will inspect the car after the deadline. And that sometimes means problems with the insurer.

How much does a car maintenance cost?

Vehicle inspection has a predetermined price, which in no way depends on the owner of the vehicle inspection station – it is regulated by the ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure. – The current price for car inspection has not changed in at least a dozen years and amounts to exactly PLN 99 – including a zloty for maintenance of the CEPiK base (Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers). This maintenance cost applies to petrol, diesel, electric or semi-electric cars (hybrids and plug-in hybrids).

How much does the inspection of a car equipped with a gas system cost? Here the amount reaches 162 PLN. Gas increases the scope of control. The diagnostician can complete the inspection of the car only after checking the documents relating to LPG and the installation itself. The price for a visit to a vehicle inspection station will therefore automatically be higher – convinces the representative of

How much can you drive without technical control?

In fact, the date of the technical inspection should be sacred to the driver. It should not be exceeded. Delay with the inspection entails a number of serious consequences, of which the loss of a registration certificate and even a 500 zloty fine during a roadside check is just the beginning. The neglected periodic car inspection also has consequences related to the payment of compensation – mainly according to the auto casco policy. A late check can lead to the insurer refusing to pay out the insurance in the event of a collision. And this will happen especially when, for example, poor technical condition contributed to the incident.

How do I check car insurance and inspection?

“The history of the government vehicle” is a government website where you can check the most important points in the vehicle’s function to date in the form of a timeline. What information does the system display? Information on liability insurance, information on mileage during road inspections, serious injuries, change of owner or indicates when the driver performed a periodic car inspection. This data can become important information before you buy a used vehicle.

It is more important that the vehicle insurance history or technical inspection history is only available to the extent that the information is displayed in the central vehicle register. In a situation where the car was imported to Poland two years ago and two years ago it was shown for the first time in CEP, the amount of information will be limited.

How do I check my car insurance?

Where can you check car insurance? Lack of policy while driving (legally sanctioned from December 2020) is not a problem yet. Especially that the driver has the service of the insurance guarantee fund at his disposal. So how do I check if the car has a liability insurance? All you have to do is go to the website, the tab: OC and AC database and identify the third party liability agreement for the day. The next step is to enter the registration number and / or VIN. The system shows the car insurance status on a certain day. The CEP check takes a few seconds.

Within a maximum of 30 minutes and for an amount of PLN 99 to 162, the driver can purchase reliability…. What does it mean? First of all: with a positive result from the technical inspection, he can be sure that his car does not pose a threat to safety. Secondly: he can sleep well and does not have to be afraid of the possible consequences of not having an important technical examination. In fact, both are equally important.

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