Mikavi car camera – which model to choose?

A car camera is a must for a modern driver. Its owner appreciates this equipment for a greater sense of safety on the road, the ability to record beautiful views and protect the car when parked in public places. The popularity of this type of gadget, which is growing every year, has made car cameras available in the offer from many consumer electronics manufacturers. One of them is the brand from the premium segment Mikavi – a new player in the car camera market, whose products are worth getting to know better, and perhaps also choosing among them your first or next, more advanced car camera.

Why does a modern driver need a car camera?

A car camera is a small device whose main function is to record an image while driving a car. Modern models start automatically with the car and register everything that happens in front of the hood. Some of them also have additional modules, the task of which is to record the image from the back of the car and inside it. This type of device is used by professional drivers who spend most of their day behind the wheel, as well as “regular” users who use the car only for everyday, ordinary applications. In addition to recording beautiful views from holiday roads, car cameras play a very practical and useful function in drivers’ everyday lives.

Car cameras are a milestone to increase safety on our roads. The increasing number of vehicles equipped with them means that drivers drive more carefully, better follow the road traffic regulations and are more careful. Car cameras also make it easier to find your right in the event of an accident or collision – the recording allows you to show how the incident actually happened and to avoid criminal liability for an accident not caused by our fault. The video of the incident is also valuable evidence that allows you to speed up the process of applying for compensation from the insurer and can offer valuable support to other drivers whose car was not equipped with this handy gadget at the time of the incident.

Mikavi car camera – a novelty in the Polish market that is worth getting to know better

Car cameras are available from many manufacturers of consumer electronics. In addition to brands such as Mio, BlackVue or DDPai, well-known and appreciated by VCR users, people interested in buying a car camera will also find it in the offer from Mikavi, a brand of consumer electronics, new to the Polish market.

Mikavi car cameras have been available for sale since 2017, and their popularity and recognition is systematically increasing. All because of their quality – each one Mikavi car camera it has a rich functionality adapted to modern reality and is characterized by high reliability, which is of great importance for the satisfactory use of this practical equipment.

Which Mikavi dash cameras are worth paying special attention to?

Mikavi PQ4 DUAL car camera

Mikavi PQ4 Dual car camera is a device for demanding users who are looking for good image quality regardless of lighting conditions. The camera has built-in Sony sensors that guarantee an image with high parameters – 2x Full HD. With the WiFi function you can watch the recorded videos on the smartphone screen, and with the GPS module you can save the current location, vehicle speed and always view the current date and time. A valuable addition is the presence of an automatic parking mode system, which allows you to ensure 24-hour monitoring of the car, both while driving and parked. The Mikavi PQ4 dual car camera comes complete with an AC adapter with ACC function, which allows you to easily connect the device directly to the car’s power supply.

Mikavi PQ6 3CH car camera

Another interesting proposal from the Mikavi brand is the model PQ6 3CH. The unit consists of three cameras (front, inside and rear) that can be used for complete vehicle surveillance. Each camera can have an independently set point of view, allowing you to customize the monitoring parameters to suit each user’s individual needs. The advantage of this model is also the high quality of the recording from the front camera and the ability to record the image inside the car in the dark thanks to the presence of IR LEDs. Automatic parking mode allows monitoring of the vehicle around the clock and a dedicated mobile application allows you to download files from the camera directly to your smartphone and view them comfortably on a larger screen. With the WiFi module you can wirelessly control the camera’s function.

Mikavi PQ5 DUAL car camera

This model is the perfect choice for people looking for a discreet, modern car camera. The unit consists of two cameras – front and rear, which allows the car to be monitored around the clock. High resolution 2.5K 1440p front camera recording and Full HD 1080p rear camera guarantee clear, detailed video. Night recording in low light is facilitated by Sony optical sensors located in both modules of the device. The advantage of this model is also a large touch screen with Polish menu, which facilitates the use of the device and speeds up access to each of its functions. Automatic parking mode guarantees the protection of the car when it is parked, while the WiFi module allows you to control its function from the level of a smartphone. The GPS module enriches the recordings with additional valuable information – speed, route and current time.

Mikavi PQ4 car camera rear

In addition to the basic, complete models of car cameras, Mikavi’s offer also includes a rear camera module, which is sold separately. The purchase is an excellent way to expand the functionality of the Mikavi PQ4 base camera. To combine their functionality and get additional possibilities, it is enough to connect the rear camera to the front using the cable connected to the device – this way we get a complete car monitoring device both forward while driving and at the rear when it is parked.

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