Najsłynniejsze Ferrari Alaina Delona

It is considered one of the most beautiful cars from Italy, and the price can make even many millionaires a real headache. Ferrari 250 SWB California Spyder, as we are talking about it, is currently valued at around PLN 25 million.

However, the sky-high price that must be added to this car model provides a completely unique experience behind the wheel of a nearly 200 hp Ferrari with a three-liter engine V12. Most important of all is each of the produced Ferrari 250 California Spyders different. These cars, even if they are not visible at first glance, differ in dimensions. This is because they were not created using advanced robots but were assembled by hand.

Exceptional cars usually have exceptional owners. This was also the case with production in 1961 a copy of the Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder, which many years ago was one of the most famous stars in French cinema – Alaina Delona.

He only used his black convertible for two years. It was at his wheel that the actor was photographed in the company of another world movie star, Jane Fondy. This car was seen in Europe and the United States. A few years after Ferrari was sold – it was lost. For decades, dozens of enthusiasts have lost hope that the car will ever find itself. It also claimed that the unique convertible could have had an accident and could be dismantled in individual parts …

However, it happened otherwise. A few years ago, word literally circulated around the world that a collection of the family’s cars, forgotten for several years, had been discovered in France. Gag. The family’s elder, Roger, was a well-known and respected French businessman in the field of transportation. So it was natural that pure gasoline flowed through the veins instead of blood. His biggest dream was to collect as many pre-war vehicles as possible. After their extensive renovation, Roger planned to open his own car museum, where each visitor would come into contact with the world’s rare cars.

The implementation of this plan continued to drag on, and some newer vehicles began to join the “parking lot” on his private farm. Unfortunately, his bold plan was never realized. Baillon’s private company collapsed in the 1970s, and he was forced to part with some of his collection. The rest of the exhibitions gathered in one place were doomed to a sad fate forgotten.

When this collection was rediscovered after many years by the family of a French businessman, many of the valuable machines were in a rather deplorable condition. The real exception, however, were the two sports cars with Italian pedigree. They parked in a separate garage, and their bodies were hidden by a lot of scattered books and other debris.

These cars were the extremely rare Maserati A6G Gran Sport Frua from 1956 and … a black Ferrari by Alain Delon! A unique car with a star-studded past was quickly pulled from its place with many years of stagnation and underwent a cleaning process. Preserved in its “original patina” position, the convertible, along with many other vehicles from the collection, went to an auction in Paris, where it reached a staggering price of 18.5 million dollars! In addition, this car was the winner of several competitions for vintage car elegance. In the end, however, it was professionally restored by Paul Rusell and is still today one of the most valuable vintage cars from around the world.

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Submitted by: Marcin Zachariasz

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