Small but adult – Aero 10 HP, 1930

Aero small cars contributed significantly to the development of the automotive industry in the Czech lands in the early 1920s and 1930s. The single-cylinder Aero 10 hp engine, introduced in October 1929, began production in small series in May 1930, with just over a hundred at the end of the year.

Producer: Aero – aircraft factory, Dr. Kabeš, Prague, Bohemia
Engine volume: 499 cm3
Capacity: 10 hp / KM
Maximum speed: 75 km / h

But more important than the number of cars sold was the fact that the new brand attracted the attention of potential customers. Bohumil Turek (1901–1971), a factory driver who brilliantly marketed Aero’s small cars at Prague Motor in 1929 and 1930, traveled over 10,000 kilometers with his driver Antonín Nahodil on his way to Agadir, Morocco and back. Aero fought bravely and successfully in many sports competitions and showed that they are small, but adults.

The Aero factory produced small passenger cars with two-stroke engines and rear-wheel drive from 1929. First Aero 10 hp cars had a single-cylinder 500 cc engines, while Aero 18 hp and Aero 20 hp, produced 1931 to 1934, were powered by two-cylinder engines with 662 cc and one liter capacity.
In 1934, the factory launched the production of a larger car of a new generation, the Aero 30 HP, which had a one-liter two-stroke engine and front-wheel drive. Two years later, the company released the two-liter four-cylinder Aero 50 hp, similar in design and appearance. The single-cylinder Aero 10 HP was the smallest and cheapest car produced in this country in the early 1930s.
Passenger car with a water-cooled two-stroke single-cylinder engine, located along the front axle and rear-wheel drive.

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