Information about VIN Check 2021

Use chassis number when buying a car

Especially when it comes to used cars, there are many things that a seller / importer may not reveal to you, e.g. if the car has been redeemed or damaged in a flood or if the odometer has been reset. These and other issues can affect the safety, performance and even value of a used car. To make it harder for you to get the vehicle history, dishonest sellers may enter the wrong chassis number when the car is advertised online, or may not want to provide a chassis number at all. Rogue sellers can also change the car’s documentation to hide potential problems. Use these tips to protect yourself from scams when you are looking for a used car:

Ask the seller for the chassis number or write it off from the car. If the seller does not want to reveal the chassis number, it may be a sign of reluctance to let you get the car’s history.
Get the car’s history.

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