Top 3 Business Phone Broadband Deals

When it comes to the best business phone broadband deals, you need a connection that provides your company much more than a good price. For businesses, there is always a need for fast broadband connections, along with reliable services and good customer support for times when you need help with troubleshooting. Currently, there are many options available in the market, which are very similar in price and services offered. Following is a list of best broadband services for business to help you make a decision.

AT&T is amongst the top business broadband providers in the country owing to its high customer satisfaction rate and extremely fair and transparent pricing. This company has clearly defined its prices and packages. They include everything like installation and service charges. This is very rare in the telecom industry, which is known for its hidden fees and not many other broadband services providers offer clear rate charts. With AT&T, you can enjoy Internet plans for business using DSL, IPBB, and Fiber. There are also various plans that are variably available on the basis of location. The download speeds for business broadband ranges from 6 Mbps to 100 Mbps based on the type of plan you choose. Therefore, it safe to say that no matter the size of an organization, AT&T has a range of options to manage all your needs.

Verizon offers a 3-in-1 service for businesses, which includes Fios, Business, and high-speed Internet. All of these are not available throughout the country, which means you can get them only on the basis of its availability in your location. Verizon’s advertised Internet broadband speed ranges from 1 Mbps to 90 Mbps, based on the plan you choose. Verizon is considered to be the fastest Internet provider for businesses. It is also much loved for its top-class customer service rating and flexibility of contract terms.

CenturyLink is an ideal broadband service for businesses because it pays a generous amount of downtime compensation. While most companies claim to do that, CenturyLink actually offers this service and pays much more than other competitors. Similar to AT&T, CenturyLink also has a clear and transparent rating method with no hidden costs. Furthermore, it offers many plans for businesses that can be chosen on the basis of limited budgets. The speed of the connection with this broadband option ranges from 3 Mbps to 100 Mbps with DSL, and the Fiber speeds go up to 1000 Mbps, making this one of the best business phone broadband deals.