Top 3 GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems for Cars

GPS vehicle tracking systems are highly useful systems that help when you need to track your stolen vehicle, keep an eye on your child’s school bus, or when you want to know the location of your child who has just started to drive. A GPS tracker is an inexpensive device that ensures you lead a worry-free life. Today, it is commonly used by parents and businesses. These devices have become so advanced that they can tell you the speed of the vehicle along with its exact location. Following are some of the best GPS vehicle tracking systems currently available in the market.

Spy Tec STI GL300 RReal-Time Portable GPS Tracker
This is one of the most popular GPS trackers that has gained popularity because of its capability of giving you the exact location of a vehicle. It provides close to 100% accuracy. It has a three-axis acceleration meter, which provides for even better location detection. This tracker also lets you set up boundaries, so you get notifications anytime your vehicle leaves a particular area. This data is stored for 365 days and the subscription starts at around $25 per month. As the name suggests, this GPS tracker is a small device that can be fitted anywhere in the vehicle. Its battery lasts for two weeks and can be recharged.

Automatic Pro Car GPS Tracker
This tracker plugs directly into your vehicle and provides real-time tracking of vehicles, round the clock. It uses a 3G network to track and adds five years of 3G services at no extra charge. Tracking a vehicle using this device is easy because it connects to your smartphone through an app. It is also capable of notifying law enforcement in case of accidents. This device is so smart that it can switch on the lights of your house if it detects that you are nearby.

MOTOsafety GPS Vehicle Tracker
This tracker is considered the best GPS vehicle tracking system for parents. It connects directly to the car’s ODB outlet and does not require any wiring. It offers a variety of services at a fixed monthly fee and uses 3G networks to track a vehicle. You can download the apps for this device on both Android and iOS phones and set boundaries for your kid’s vehicles. The tracker will send you a notification if that boundary is crossed and you will also get a driving report card of the vehicle.