We test 12v coolers for this summer’s drive

Car theme 24L 12v / 230v Car theme

The car’s real bestsellers among the coolers. Cools to 11-15 degrees below ambient temperature. Can be heated to 45-60 degrees.

A partition in the box makes it easier to pack.

Cooling box Car theme 24 liters

Reach the desired temperature fairly quickly. Stable and solid construction.

Not much room for the cables, which in practice means that they will lie outside the box when not in use. As usual short cables, both 12v and 230v.

The lid has plastic hinges that can easily be broken or damaged. The lid is also heavy and the box cannot in practice stand with an open lid, so it needs to be removed.


Simple and robust. Good partition. Affordable considering heat and cooling as well as 12v and 230v.


Heavy duty cover. Weak hinges. Short cords and small cord housing.
A 12v cooler in the car is the smartest way to bring food and drink on the road trip this summer. We have tested six different coolers in different sizes and price ranges.

Not all boxes can be refrigerated in the car – most boxes promise a cooling capacity of about 15 degrees below ambient temperature, and then it must be cool in the compartment if the boxes should come down to eight degrees.

If you have sensitive foods with you, it can be a good idea to supplement with a couple of cooling lamps, it makes a big difference.